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Has sugar earned the nickname “white death?” Maybe, and what's it doing to your feet?

We’re constantly diving into sugar research, we know the white stuff isn’t good - but is it white death?

Taste born of the idea that a no sugar added lifestyle is a good lifestyle, so we created a snack around that belief. As we continued to explore the world of Sugar and learn about its side-effects we became more confident that this wasn’t just a snack the world wanted, but one it desperately needed.

According to sugar isn’t just packing on inches to your waist line, it’s actually terrible for your feet! Painful inflammation, diabetes, and other ailments are all linked back to one thing, sugar.

If that’s not bad enough, how about the fact that sugar also reduces circulation? A diet high in sugary foods often leads to high blood sugar, which causes crazy changes inside of you including the hardening off your blood vessels. News flash, that’s not good.

On top of all this, sugar has been proven to cause kidney failure, heat attacks, and neuropathy.

This might sound scary, and the truth is that it is scary! The problem is we’re simply not talking about it. It’s never been more important to know better so you can snack better. Read the article here, and drop a comment with your thoughts!

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