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Taste was born of the idea that a product shouldn’t be laden with sugar to taste good.  So we figured out how to do just that, extract all those harmful addictive sugars and leave in all the rich indulgent taste.  


Sugar has been linked to cancer, obesity, strokes, diabetes, insomnia, high blood pressure, heart disease, inflammation.  Who wants all that ?    Nobody !!   

Most bars that claim to be good for you either taste like cardboard or are loaded with hidden sugars.   Literal sugar bombs !

Be kind to your body.  We suggest you drop the sugar keep the taste. 

Know better ... Snack Better. 

Samantha Apter-Kaplan

Co-Founder / Chief Taste Officer 

Taste Bars 


Arturo Nuñez 

Co-Founder / Chief Passion Officer 

Taste Bars 

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